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How it works...

I know from personal experience how daunting it can appear when considering therapy / coaching, so let’s just take a moment to break it down step by step and see what you can expect from a normal course of coaching. 


Just a little chat


Discovering your aims and goals


Empowering your future


Exploring and developing new skills

1. Just a little chat

 Every course begins with a free 20 minute phone consultation. It is a chance for you and I to chat through the areas you would like us to work on, and see whether you feel we are a good match to work together. Don't worry, this is not a commitment to any course plans! If you’re happy with our first chat, the next step would be to schedule in our first session together.

2. Discovering your aims and goals

Our first session is an in depth exploration of what aims and goals you would like to achieve through coaching, we will break down the areas you would like us to concentrate on. By the end of this we will know how best to work on achieve your goals.  This phase can take up to 2 sessions depending on what you want to achieve.

3. Exploring and developing new skills

So now we have a plan of action, we can begin developing new skills. Normally sessions would be weekly or fortnightly, as our aim is to change behaviour and thought patterns, so it is important to get a routine in place. We may need between 2 - 6 sessions, depending on the severity and depth of the issues we’re working on, how committed you are to independent work, as well as how many goals we’re trying to achieve. 

4. Empowering your future

At this point, you would have been working on growing and developing new thought behaviours and techniques. The last 2 - 6 sessions nurture the positive changes that we're developing, transferring the skills you need to enable independent growth. Sometimes it's good to have a bit of time away and work on a few techniques and then check back in at a later date. 


1. Just a little chat
2. Discovering
3. Exploration
4. Empower


Personal Data

It is important to know that what is discussed in a coaching session is in strict confidence, and that any information or notes that are taken are kept under lock and key. Any digital information is kept secure on my private laptop which is password protected in accordance to the Data Protection Legislation.


The only time where I am legally obliged to disclose any information is if a client is under 16 years of age, or if there is a medical risk to the client. Only then would I be obliged to pass on information to the relevant GP.

I comply with GDPR regulations including data deletion.

Code of Conduct

1 - To always conduct myself within the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsibility. 

2 - To treat clients with dignity, confidentiality and respect them as free and equal individuals, whilst putting their needs first.

3 - To continue to learn and develop myself as a coach and individual.

4 - To respect the absolute rights of clients’ confidentially expect as expressly permitted by the client in writing or as required by law.

5 - To recommend a different coach or resources when they would be more appropriate to the clients needs.

6 - To comply with all laws and bye-laws of the country in which I operate.

7- To obtain written permission from any client before releasing their names as referees.

Code of Conduct
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