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What is a Minset Coach?


As we are all individuals from different backgrounds and experiences, I believe that we can’t and shouldn’t use one technique to solve our problems. So why should we believe one therapy works for everyone? 

That’s why I'm a Mindset Coach. It means I can pull together different branches of therapy and tailor-make you a course to get the best results for you as an individual.


No textbook fixes here! 


For example, we can do a bit of Life Coaching to help build goals, NLP for encouraging skills in achieving them, with a splash of Mindfulness to help accept the road as we go. 


I believe our mindset is the greatest tool we have to overcome our problems and together we can nurture yours.

What Is a Mindset Coach?

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The Therapies

Breaking Down The Therapies

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT therapy works on the principle that the way we think about a situation affects the way in which we feel and act about that situation, by translating negative thought patterns and beliefs into more positive, helpful ones. This therapy is great for building self esteem, developing a more positive mindset, getting rid of phobias and working through alcohol / drug abuse and relationships issues. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps you to identify your goals, develop structured plans to achieve them and teaches you techniques to stay on track. A coach does not do the work for you, but helps you get to where you want, by empowering you to use your own skills in more efficient, empowered ways. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching 

Similar to Life Coaching, NLP will help you build techniques to help achieve your goals. NLP focuses on communication skills and how you process information. It is widely used for both personal improvement and success in business/sales.


Mindfulness will help you to remain fully present, in the moment, without judgement and fully accepting of yourself. It allows us to gain greater perspective of our lives from a place of acceptance. This skill is wonderfully helpful for those suffering from anxiety or depression as well as those that lead a chaotic life that suffer from stress. It has also been shown to improve performance.

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